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The Complete Internet Sex Resource Guide: By Topic

A Periodic Guide to the Sensual and Erotic side of the Net!

Over served.

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Orgasm.com Need We Say More?

I'm not a Doctor, but I play one on the Internet (s).
Dr. Snorkel has given Beauty a hand organizing the CISRG by topic. It currently contains all WWW and Gopher links from the 'Original' CISRG plus some. We are currently processing FTP, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and a Huge backlog of new links.

Webified Mail Archive (coming soon)
To The Editor (disabled)

Key: All links are W3 unless noted.
* [G] = Gopher * [N] = USENET News * [F] = FTP * [M] = Mailing List * [$] = Pay *

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Money Talks ... B*llSh*t Walks...
Better get your First Virtual account set up ASAP! As I understand it (D*mn It Beauty, I'm a doctor not a lawyer (wry g)) a valid fv will be needed to go anywhere on the net.
Snorkel: 02/02/96
Doctor, I see this news has gotten you all flustered, but fear Not! I do not believe this Atrocity will be allowed to 'stand'. But the information below will keep people Informed and help us All to fight it! Don't forget to check out our Own Liberty's comments on the issues too! The forces of Idiocy have won a small battle...We shall win the War! (feral gaze at the evil powers of censorship!)
Beauty: 02/07/96
I want my... I want my... I want my... PORNOGRAPHYYYY...
Holy smoke and mirrors Beauty, the net looks to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. [$] Green Eyes is barely delivering full pages to this neck of the net, and Orion Erotic is just plain refusing connections. An Online Internation Web Picture Personals for Singles has a sexy presentation and a ICBM full of Russian women trying to get west. Has the cold war errupted into a hot web detente?
Snorkel: 02/01/96
Protect Yourself: Healthy Sex
In this day and age, you should really get the facts...
Snorkel: 1/27/95
Censorship Issues

Gentlemen's Clubs
Scores is a new comer to the web, but we expect it to 'blossom' soon. Enjoy!
Beauty & Snorkel: 1/30/96
In The Blue : Soft Porn and Erotica

In The Pink
The Queer Resources Directory seems to be the place to be for media, events, history and just about everything related to the out and out of being queer.
Snorkel: 1/27/95
In The Raw
Are there still down and dirty gopher sites left on the net? A recent W3 arrival to the net, xxx-rawsex-xxx.com is about as raw as it gets. Some sites require a First Virtual Account for age of consent verification.
Snorkel: 1/27/95
Abbie, Amber, Bianca und Eden
Abbie's Porn Palace and Amber's Playhouse are no longer listed at InfoHaus. Is this the end of the early net godesses?
On The Rack or de Sade Story : Bondage and Sadomasochism

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Body Modification

Cross Dressing, Transgendering and other...

Men for Women?
Not to say the men in the crowd might not enjoy a peak.
For Les Femmes

Are you being harrassed?

The LaughWeb website is chockfull of jokes, limericks and other humor or go directly to the Gender/Sex Humor page by following the link below. If prism.nnt.edu is down, try the venus.ubishops.ca link.
Snorkel: 1/27/96
On The Screen : Adult Film and Entertainment

Scientific Sex

Miscellaneous Gopher Servers

USENET News Archives

New Technologies

Go Native!!

I left my panties in Daytona...

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Toys, Condoms and the like....

Animation, Comix and Anime

FTP Sites

Virtual Video

Beauty' Live Video Sex - No software required!


69 : Department of Reciprocal Links
From Jour ney to the Center of Cybersmut by Lisa Schmeirer [our Italics ed].
The grand total? From Netscape to the Complete Internet Sex Resource Guide (and I am not providing the URL; find it on your own), I clicked the mouse 12 times. As a control, I decided to see if I could find the same site through Yahoo only to discover they've replaced their "Erotic" listing with this message:
"As Yahoo's popularity has increased, this section has caused a lot of inconveniences both to users and site maintainers of this type of material. Users complain that none of the sites work, and new links that are listed here usually do not last for more than a few days. We have decided not to maintain these links in the future. The links we have currently will only be displayed for a short time. Thank you."
  • The Asylum is a Netscape 2.0 ready site with a weird mix of techo-pop. Beauty and Snorkel: 1/29/96

Leaving Las Vegas...

Ads and Vice : Seeking Others or Advice


Can't Get Here From There

The Number you have reached...
We keep this list just in case these sites resurface someday.

Yes, you can, but who cares?

If your server can't stand the strain, get off the net
Last time we checked, these sites were down for the count. Hopefully they come back soon.
Snorkel: 1/28/95


In the Black : Lists of Lists

NOTE: This document has been published strictly as an information guide to the sex oriented resources available on the Internet. It covers a broad range of topics related to human sexuality, and Eden does not necessarily condone or endorse any particu lar listing. Comments, suggestions, questions, additions, corrections, etc are always welcomed.

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