The State of Beauty's World
(as of 01/25/2000)

If you are reading these words, then you are witnessing the 're-Birth' of Beauty's World!(engaging s)

Well, things seem to be 'picking up' around here! (bright happy s) Beauty's World really is beginning to *BE*! While there is still much to do, things are moving Forward (enthusiastic g). The new Chat area is Fun and 'inhabitants' are Wonderful!(brill iant s) Hobbit and I are improving it all the time. And special "Thanks!" go to minx, mmb, microman, and Lady Gold for helping to 'monitor' the 'Realm'! (gratefully smiling at everyone!)

The CISRG has added a "Link of the Day" to the CISRG WWW Links Page. But the periodic CISRG still needs an update (sigh). Anyway...I am pleased with the way things are heading overall. Expect much more to come! (enticing gaze) And "Thank You!" for v isiting My World! It is *here* for YOU!

What's Coming Your Way here at Beauty's World.....

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