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Welcome to Beauty's Blog...
"The World as *I* see it!" (wg)(eyes sparkling)

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10/14/2002 Archived Entry: "My World..."

Yes.. That's right

Welcome to My World. Beauty's World.

Ok, so it's a bit redundant, but you get the point. My Views and Thoughts on Life, the Universe, and well.. Everything!(and Anything, obviously)

But First, a few Beginner's Notes for "Beauty Speak":

Letters and abbreviations in parentheses () contain My version of 'emoticons'. Maybe your've seen folks do this before while posting on the net, maybe not. This form of expression has spread a lot since its inception, by myself I might add, back in the days when BBSs were all the rage and the internet was just an idea. Common Examples:

(s) = smile
(g) = grin
(ws) = warm smile
(wg) = wide grin
(mws) = most warm smile
(lol) = laughing out loud
(imho) = in my humble/honest opinion
(roflmao) = rolling on the floor laughing maddly all over / rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
(ymmv) = your mileage may vary

There are obviously many variations and it takes some getting used to if you are not a regular chatter on the net, or at my Castle.

Words that are enclosed in single quotes for seemingly no apparent reason (hereafter called "s-quotes"), are actually enclosed in that manner to indicate that it is a quasi-correct word for what I want to say. Sure, I could Maybe have chosen another word that didn't require the s-quotes, but it really means that it is "pretty close to that word's definition, but not quite."(g)

Lastly, much in the manner of our forefathers (ever read Ben Franklin's writtings, as He wrote them?), I often Capitalize words in the middle of sentences. This also is a peculiarity of mine, somethines picked up by others, but mostly Not. In short, a mid-sentence Capitalized word indicates a verbal emphasis on the word, much like 'bolding' it verbally.

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