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Welcome to Beauty's Blog...
"The World as *I* see it!" (wg)(eyes sparkling)

Yes.. That's right

Welcome to My World. Beauty's World.

Ok, so it's a bit redundant, but you get the point. My Views and Thoughts on Life, the Universe, and well.. Everything!(and Anything, obviously)

But First, a few Beginner's Notes for "Beauty Speak":


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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hmm... I said the mood for this post was "excited" and "frustrated". "Frustrated" because I really don't like this blog. It is not really "me" any more. The style of it that is. I am not happy with it and I suppose that is also why I don't write in it as much as I should. K keeps trying to get me to but I procrastinate and resist. (sighs) It NEEDS a facelift. I need Inspiration....

Oh, yes (g). The "excited" part is about my new kitten!!!!! (does happy dance) The date has been set! We are picking Him up from the Breeder on the 17th of May. Wooo Hooooo! If we get our first choice it will be a Seal Point as well. I grew up with Blue Points and my Grandma had Seal Points. My first kitten in over 20 years! (groans at signs of age and then BEAMS with Pride instead.... how long have You LIVED?)(more wise than not s)

Still no name yet... top three choices to date: Arrow, Tiberius, Hobbes.

Posted by Beauty @ 09:54 PM EST [Link]

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I am so behind (sigh).

Well, maybe not so much behind as procrastinating and avoiding. Why? I Want to do these things, and yet I stall and delay. Almost like in a dream where when you turn to examine some interesting object that catches your eye, it changes the dream around you and you lose what you sought in the first place. Whenever I get close to putting in some serious writing time, Something comes along to distract me. Not that the distraction didn't need doing, buit it wasn't what I Intended to get done! (rolls eyes in futility). Nevertheless, I still hope and plan.

Perhaps this counts? Even these fews paltry words? Maybe in some small way, like a quick set of sit ups helps that tummy... at least in your mind (grins). So I'll post it. I don't expect that people are reading this as I have not linked it to any the places it should be, yet I occasionally get "karma" votes on some of the posts that have that enabled. I may shut that off as it seems fairly pointless as there is no obvious rhyme or reason to the votes cast (shrugs, then on second thought ~waves~)(smiles)

Posted by Beauty @ 11:05 AM EST [Link]

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Music touches the Soul. Inspires it.

I adore my iPods. Especially my Shuffle.

Posted by Beauty @ 10:32 PM EST [Link]

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Here is a blog entry after my own heart.

From A Voyage To Arcturus's recent blog Archives (March 10th '04) is a story about a recent meteor impact of less than 500 years ago. A mile wide hunk of rock too, so nothing to scoff at. Point? That thinking "it won't hit us now" or "not in my lifetime" and similar ignorant attitudes are the thoughts of beings who are striving for Extinction.

Look, such an occurrence is a Fact. It is INEVITABLE. It would likely severely damage what civilization we have acquired thus far in the blink of an eye, making all other petty human social issues moot. It may not happen today, or even tomorrow. But it Could and it WILL.

Therefore it seems supremely stupid Not to do something in the way of prevention when we actually do possess the technology to both detect such an event and stop it, or at least seriously reduce the its impact. Pun intended (s).

Just one more reason that people should be concentrating on why we are the SAME and not on what all our differences are....

Posted by Beauty @ 01:18 PM EST [Link]

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Wow. A whole month gone by...

And it's Leap Day. Once in every four years.... neat.

Overall I liked February, for the most part. I got to play with some good friends in several many battles of Spearhead. A really Fun World War II first person shooter. Like playing "army" or "cowboys & indians" when you were a kid in your backyard or the local park, but now the other "kids" are older and the 'world' is virtual... old towns and abandoned citys. Running around in a thunderstorm while people try an kill you. Whoa. Way Cool. Kick. - Go Rose Clan!!! You guys are Cool!

Sadly and to my great disappointment, our President displayed a tragic flaw in his logic by announcing his support for an Constitutional Amendment defining "Marriage" as Only between and a "Man & Woman". (deepest sigh) What disturbs me is not so much his now obvious stand on "Gay Marriage," as the fact the he 'crossed the line' IMHHO, and mixed his religious beliefs with his Job and Our Constitution. In short, the Government should Not be telling people what the word "Marriage" means, much less trying to amend the United States Constitution with a single religions definition of what it should be. What ever happened to religious Freedom? Since when did we have a "State Religion"? Did I miss something along the way?

Is Bush not mixing church & state in this obviously touchy issue? Ah, well....he has lost my vote. If he thinks like this then there are sure to be other 'cracks' in his logic (sad sigh).

Oh! We saw the "Passion of Christ" today! And yes, I thought it was Good, if not Great, at telling the story many people take for granted or don't think about at all. Well done Mel! Thanks! It will be a part of my collection.

And, for the record, I have been adhering to my "low cholesterol" diet and making sure I "get outside" at least Once a day for a walk and/or jog. My iPod keeps me is Still a terribly cool gadget, and one I am sure to depend on (huge g).

Posted by Beauty @ 08:51 PM EST [Link]

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

It's my Birthday.

iPods are C O O L!!!!!!!!

Friends are Great! ("Thank you 'Waterman Folk'!")(huge surprised g)

My happy gratitude to the "Martini Man" 'upstairs...the "Rock" (raises new glass in toast)

I love you Mom & Dad! (mushiest loving adoring smile you could imagine - Really)

And with my heart bursting, Thank You, My Love, my darling superhero,

My Most Gracious and Utterly Humble Thanks and Eternal Loyalty to the "IS" above US All, my God and Goddess of All that is and ever shall be. I owe you.

Posted by Beauty @ 11:03 PM EST [Link]

Friday, January 23, 2004

Subject: I have next to nothing to say...or I have nothing to say, part two.

Unfortunately, for me(s), I feel Obligated to post a follow up to to yesterday's whiney cry of doom. Well, how can you blame me? If you Knew all... anyway, the car is back in its space in front of our home.

No, it wasn't an easy time. Another day was Ruined. All our personal attemtps to fix it failed. Our Auto Club (Allstate) told us, after we gave up, that help (a tow truck is what we requested, btw) was on the way and would arrive in 40 minutes or less. And the "help" "EZ Towing?" would call soon....not! After an hour of chilling cold (at least two people today joked with obvious sarcasm that we "should have picked a colder day". Not.) we called Allstate again. "No, the person you spoke to earlier was Wrong!" they said. "I am So Sorry!" Great, that could only be Good news, right?(sarcastic gaze) "She should have told you that a tow truck was TWO hours away. Yes, she should have called another service for you! Oh no, the one on the way is 'Roadside Assistance'... he can jump you and things. Should be there in 10-15minutes, latest." Right. And there is a magic hippo that will fly you home....

At this point I hear call waiting trying to get my attention so I sign off pleasantly with the lady from Allstate, asking if she will somehow give us a "credit" for their negligence and our discomfort. She said she would check with her supervisor. We'll see. The other line is the guy from "EZ" and he apologizes and points out, rightly so, that Allsate got the information wrong..and I agree with him and let him know we are on the same page. He will arrive shortly, says he....(holdiong breath)(g)..

A twenty-five minutes to a half hour later, our 'Savior' arrived. A little late, but nonetheless our Savior!

Our 'Roadside Assitance' was Wonderful. A really nice guy who Knew what he was doing and quickly diagnosed our problem on the spot, saving us agony and money, and speeding us toward warmer environments. After making sure the car was running he followed K to the local PEP Boys, with myself following (we had another car at this point - don't ask). Of course it died again in the middle of traffic and while there was a lot of horn honking, our EZ Savior quickly resuced the car again and we made it the rest of the way there...Thank You EZ Towing Guy!!!! A new battery and, Woo Whooo! We were back in business!

Now to get it past Inspection....(wry g)

Posted by Beauty @ 10:17 PM EST [Link]

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