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10/15/2002 Archived Entry: "Another Day... yea well Another Day..."

Well, ok... so I am still tinkering with these pages trying to get them just right(sighs)(s).

Some people (including myself) Might say that I was just procrastinating a bit, trying to postpone any truly enlightening and potentially interesting posts as long as possible. The pressure to say something that is Worth reading is High, at least in My mind.


At the moment though, I still think I deserve to have the site look 'presentable' and that I feel 'comfortable' with how the whole thing looks. I think it will be a more fun and positive experience if I don't wince every time I visit the site, making comments to myself such as "Crap! I knew I should have changed that graphic!" or "Geez, I reaaly should add kinks to such and such and have formatted the page so that..." and on and on.(wry s)

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