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01/22/2004 Archived Entry: "I have nothing to say..."

Subject: I have nothing to say...

(ed note: apparently the Subject doesn't show itself automatically so for now I must add it in manually-grumbles)

Well, read the Subject and Don't come crying to Me when you come up short Here (s). It's just whine whine whine...

It has been a Long day with a stinky end...well, it's not really Over yet so who knows?(just asking-for-it s) But trust me, it wasn't the best. Ever go to out to run some errands and all of a sudden you get back in your car..your Newly acquired Christmas Gift car... the one to Replace your older and rustier one... on the last stop before home of course...and then you turn the key and .... Nothing. The car just won't do Anything. Dead in the tarmac.

Down-n-Dirty version: We call P for help and a jump, Rolling jump start (manual trans) downhill (sure was lucky we had a hill - sure wasn't that it didn't start)..nothing. Jump start... nothing, but then Wait! Fiddling with the jumper cable connection and suddenly..VROOOOOM! Life! I CHEER (well, WHOOPIE! is more like it). The nice policeman who is chatting from his car window with me, as K and P work their magic, jumps a bit and smiles for me. We think we are home free....Never happen (sighs) a nutshell: car runs, K waits while I make a quick purchase, P leaves assured of Victory, I get in car with K, car dies, the nice policeman gives K and I a ride home, car stays in parking lot near movie rentals, awaiting a new day.

STINK! RATS! F***! (sigh of resignation)

Tomorrow it's a trip to PEP Boys for a manual and we'll try and see if we can find the "lose wire" in the electrical system, or Hope that it will magically Start when we put the battery back in. Yes, we went back to the car later and removed the battery which we assumed was DEAD. The battery charger said otherwise and so we were again stumped. So it's the auto boys and some hopeful fuse checking with fingers crossed for tomorrow...yeah.

Happy Days.

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