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Welcome to Beauty's Blog...
"The World as *I* see it!" (wg)(eyes sparkling)

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01/28/2004 Entry: "My Birthday...yeah, that's Today!"

It's my Birthday.

iPods are C O O L!!!!!!!!

Friends are Great! ("Thank you 'Waterman Folk'!")(huge surprised g)

My happy gratitude to the "Martini Man" 'upstairs...the "Rock" (raises new glass in toast)

I love you Mom & Dad! (mushiest loving adoring smile you could imagine - Really)

And with my heart bursting, Thank You, My Love, my darling superhero,

My Most Gracious and Utterly Humble Thanks and Eternal Loyalty to the "IS" above US All, my God and Goddess of All that is and ever shall be. I owe you.

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