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Beauty's Meanderings Archive: March 2004

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Here is a blog entry after my own heart.

From A Voyage To Arcturus's recent blog Archives (March 10th '04) is a story about a recent meteor impact of less than 500 years ago. A mile wide hunk of rock too, so nothing to scoff at. Point? That thinking "it won't hit us now" or "not in my lifetime" and similar ignorant attitudes are the thoughts of beings who are striving for Extinction.

Look, such an occurrence is a Fact. It is INEVITABLE. It would likely severely damage what civilization we have acquired thus far in the blink of an eye, making all other petty human social issues moot. It may not happen today, or even tomorrow. But it Could and it WILL.

Therefore it seems supremely stupid Not to do something in the way of prevention when we actually do possess the technology to both detect such an event and stop it, or at least seriously reduce the its impact. Pun intended (s).

Just one more reason that people should be concentrating on why we are the SAME and not on what all our differences are....

Posted by Beauty @ 01:18 PM EST [Link]

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