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Beauty's Meanderings Archive: March 2005

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I am so behind (sigh).

Well, maybe not so much behind as procrastinating and avoiding. Why? I Want to do these things, and yet I stall and delay. Almost like in a dream where when you turn to examine some interesting object that catches your eye, it changes the dream around you and you lose what you sought in the first place. Whenever I get close to putting in some serious writing time, Something comes along to distract me. Not that the distraction didn't need doing, buit it wasn't what I Intended to get done! (rolls eyes in futility). Nevertheless, I still hope and plan.

Perhaps this counts? Even these fews paltry words? Maybe in some small way, like a quick set of sit ups helps that tummy... at least in your mind (grins). So I'll post it. I don't expect that people are reading this as I have not linked it to any the places it should be, yet I occasionally get "karma" votes on some of the posts that have that enabled. I may shut that off as it seems fairly pointless as there is no obvious rhyme or reason to the votes cast (shrugs, then on second thought ~waves~)(smiles)

Posted by Beauty @ 11:05 AM EST [Link]

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